Top 10 Reasons To Own A Dog

Sandie Lampe’s Top Ten Reasons To Own A Dog


  1. (It’s cheaper than a shrink) …..  dogs will always listen
  2. Perhaps you should rethink the gym membership, the dog will make sure  you exercise
  3.  They will give you an excuse to smile and laugh
  4.  You don’t have to worry about buying them a new wardrobe every year
  5. Check your blood pressure…I think it’s gone down
  6. Dogs like routines. …And so will you
  7. Your social life will improve. Dogs are always happy to introduce you to their friends
  8. Dog training is much cheaper than a college education
  9. You will never have left-over’s
  10. You are loved unconditionally, no matter what you look like, and always forgiven,

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