New Years Resolutions



When making your New Year’s resolutions this year, keep your dog in mind. Sticking to the plan can be difficult – especially if you are only accountable to yourself. Try incorporating your own goals with a plan to improve your dog’s quality of life. Making small, positive changes in daily routines can make a big difference for both you and your dog. Plus, you will be reinforcing that special human-canine bond. Here are some ways to get started. Happy New Year!

dog running with owner - Jordan Siemens/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Jordan Siemens/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Exercise More

Getting more exercise is probably one of the most common resolutions for people. Some of us want to lose weight, others just want to be healthier and more energetic. Your dog also needs plenty of exercise, and he too will reap the benefits. Obesity in dogs is becoming more common, and lifestyle has a lot to do with it. With proper diet and exercise, you can help your dog lose weight or prevent weight problems down the road. Try increasing the amount of daily exercise that you and your dog get. If you think you are getting the right amount, or you just don’t have time for more, you can just change it up. If you take your dog for a daily walk, try running or powerwalking instead. Or, change around your usual route and play some intermittent games of fetch. More »


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