10 Healing Affirmations for Vibrant Health and Wellness

10 Healing Affirmations for Vibrant Health and Wellness

Doing daily positive affirmations is a powerful way to improve your health and life for the better. All of our experiences in life both positive and negative are created by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Whatever you focus on expands so if you dwell on negative thoughts about your health and life, you will only attract more of the same.



10 Healing Affirmations


  • I nourish myself with healing foods every day that satisfy and totally heal my mind and body.


  • I deserve and accept vibrant health and wellness into my life right now.


  • I love myself completely and take excellent care of my mind and body.


  • I am totally safe and surrounded by love, light, peace, and joy.


  • I am completely relaxed and my mind and body is peaceful and calm. All is wonderful in my life.


  • I let go of all that I no longer need. My body is healing quickly and easily.


  • My past is done and I release it. I live in the present with happiness, love, and joy.


  • I live my life with radiant good health totally knowing that all is well and I feel fantastic.


  • I rest peacefully every night knowing that my body is healing and rejuvenating while I sleep.


  • I have abundant energy and a strong healthy immune system.

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