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Pink Paws is a site for survivors + diagnosed individuals with cancer and their pets. The website allows members to email their story and pictures.  Read our blogs and  posts on topics related to our subject matter,  Join the relationship between people with cancer and their pets…Pink Paws is the special place to celebrate that bond.

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Our Online Publication aka community

Below is our online publication. We will be adding stories and pictures our members  email us.Please email to the displayed online under the Pink Paws People “Category”. Click the “Submit your Story + Pic”  link above to find out how to send in your story + pet pictures or click here for the process.

The online publication will consist of all sorts of Cancer information, Cancer Articles, Health Tips, Pet  Pictures, Fun stuff, Videos, Inspiration, There will also be contributing  Veterinarians, experts in  health, fitness, food  and dog training techniques. We will emphasize  the relationship of how our pets contribute to our healing.. We would love to hear from you, and invite  you to get involved.  Our goal is to make this site the premier online destination for cancer + people and their Pets or what we Pink Paws People or PPP

"Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives."    Louise L. Hay (born 1926) Refuse to accept any limiting conditions. Affirm and believe in health, strength, and success no matter what the circumstances. An important weapon in the battle with disease is to visualize your body filling with vitality and light . Once you heal your mind, the body follows. By; J. J. Goldwag      


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